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The first thing you need to do is make sure your Mac is running at least OS X You also need to make sure your iPhone is running iOS 8.

Follow it in order and you should have no problems receiving text messages on Mac. On your iPhone, open the Settings app.

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You should see your Apple ID at the top. Tap that and then tap iCloud. On your Mac, open System Preferences. Tap iCloud.

Texts not sending? Verizon customers experiencing SMS issues - 9to5Mac

Your email address will be under your user icon on the left. To do this, open the Messages app, tap Messages at the very top of the screen, and select Preferences. Choose Accounts. A drop-down menu appears with the addresses and phone numbers listed for the person in the Contacts app. After you send the first message, a Details link appears at the top of the window.

Click this to see your options:. Click the microphone button at the right of the chat field to record a brief audio message.

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It begins recording immediately. Each soundbite appears in your chat window as a little sound wave with a play button. Who will use this feature? For all of us, Apple, thank you.

My info is scrambled here, but yours will show clearly. Select the iMessage account.

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Enter your Apple ID and password. Click Sign In. Why are my Text Messages Blue or Green?

Blue Background When your text message has a blue background, it means that your message exchange happened via iMessage and that you sent or received your message to and from another iOS device. Green Background A green background means that the message you sent or received was delivered by SMS through your cellular provider.

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