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An attacker can exploit this issue to bypass the Java sandbox restriction and execute arbitrary code. This vulnerability affects the following supported versions: 7 Update 2, 6 Update 30, 5.

Install Java Legacy SE6 Runtime File On Mac OS | Adobe Community

Block external access at the network boundary, unless external parties require service. Filter access to the affected computer at the network boundary if global access isn't needed. Unfortunately, Java v6 was end of life in February and no more updates were issued as of 15th October - it is a security risk. Adobe applications that look for Java v6 usually don't see that a later version is installed and available.

This means you need to either trick the application into thinking Java v6 is installed, or you need to install two versions of Java v6 to appease Adobe applications and the latest Java for security , or you need to hack bits of your system so that older software can use the newer, latest version of Java from Oracle.

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After extensive testing this article lists the various suites and applications that need Java and the options you have to get them to work on macOS. Adobe does not clearly state anywhere exactly what parts, components or files within Creative Suite and the individual applications actually cause the erroneous Java requirements. They do state " Many Adobe applications are dependent on the Oracle Java Runtime Environment JRE for some features to work " and if the Java runtime is not installed, some issues that are known to occur include: Failures to launch Prompts to install Java runtime when attempting to use the applications Applications hang on quit In addition they state for Dreamweaver "In Dreamweaver CC , the prompt does not appear when you launch Dreamweaver.

Adobe Creative Suite. If you install Java v6 and your operating system supports the latest version of Java we highly recommend installing the latest version of Java as well and securing it. Jan 23, AM. Jan 23, AM in response to corinna In response to corinna Having same issue and I've gone to this link.

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But do not see the Legacy Java SE6??? Just this Keep your software up to date. Jan 24, PM.

Jan 28, PM in response to dialabrain In response to dialabrain. A newer version of this package is already installed". Jan 28, PM. Feb 4, PM in response to bernadettemertensmcallister In response to bernadettemertensmcallister. Did you figure this out? I am having the same issue! I uninstalled the newer version of Java and have been trying to download and install the SE6 but it keeps saying a newer version is installed, but its gone. Feb 4, PM. I'm having the same issue - my CS5 is completely dead in the water. Were you able to figure it out? Feb 4, PM in response to jeanettefromgretna In response to jeanettefromgretna.

Yes, I figured it out; the problem was that I was trying to use an older SE6 package Mar 1, PM. The link in your post no longer seems to work.

Upgrade to Java 8 on Mac OS X

There are some YouTube videos showing the exact same link used to correct the problem of legacy Adobe CS programs not being able to run, however the download button no longer seems to function. Mar 1, PM in response to billsgrill72 In response to billsgrill That happens if you have JavaScript turned off.

OS X Mavericks Eclipse Java Issue – To open “,” you need Java SE 6 runtime

Check to make sure it's enabled in Safari's preferences. Or, whichever browser you're using. Thank you!