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DVD Creator for Mac è un ottimo software di masterizzazione DVD Mac che su DVD; Creare slideshow DVD con foto e musica su Mac; Magiche funzioni di Inoltre, ti permette di aggiungere foto per creare una speciale presentazione DVD.

Chrome and other browsers often get overloaded with various add-ons and extensions we install on top of them. These tools do a useful job like checking our grammar but we pay for that with reduced browser speed. You can battle that by reducing the number of open tabs a good practice in and off itself and by removing any browser extensions you don't need. Here is how to delete extra browser extensions in all 3 main browsers:.

If you recently updated your OS, you would be aware of the slowness that occurs when Spotlight is indexing. This only takes a few hours and then your Mac will be fine. But sometimes the indexing gets stuck, and you need to speed up a Mac. Now drag your hard drive from Finder into the Privacy List. The indexing will start again, but hopefully, after a few hours, it will finish properly and boost your Mac speed. Remember, every desktop icon takes up RAM space. - Emulate the Mac and others - PSP, PSX, N64, XBOX :: Home

Fewer icons — the faster your Mac gets. When your Desktop is clean, restart your computer. The mere deletion of desktop items will make your MacBook faster. Cache files are temporary data used to speed up the processes. For example, a web browser will cache web pages to download a website faster when you revisit it. Sounds great, right? So how to speed up MacBook by emptying the caches?

There are two ways: you can clean them up manually step-by-step or you can remove them in a second with a cleaning utility CleanMyMac X. So how to remove unwanted apps on your Mac? You may be surprised to find out that simply dragging them to a Trash bin is not enough. It leaves gigabytes of junk behind. Dragging documents and movies to Trash works fine but apps should be uninstalled completely.

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If you want the most bang for your buck, cleaning your hard drive is by far the best and easiest way to speed up MacBook or iMac. Go through your hard drive and clean out everything that is slowing it down. But what is slowing down my Mac? What to look for? Caches, logs, apps, widgets, hidden trash, large and old files.

Of course, you can clean up your Mac manually. But finding and removing all these things takes time.

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And you have to know where to look. The good news is that there is an easy solution to the problem. Typically, Macs take care of themselves. Ich lebe auf der Mittelmeerinsel Malta, dort wo Europa praktisch zu Ende ist. Video: So druckt man in Pages einzelne Seiten. August um Hast Du eine Idee? Tina Alxander Spangenberg Oktober um Katja Januar um Hallo Katja, wie oben in der Anleitung beschrieben, z.

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No official release date available! There are more details but I promised not to tell about! So don't ask!


Up to 4 times faster than before! But currently not as stable as the "classic" version In March a manual for Basilisk II was released. Go for it: www. There is a damn good working port of Basilisk II to Win Updates on regularly basis with some major improvements! So what is Basilisk? Recent ports include a Win32 one.

If I am right this piece of software was Shareware before for Amiga. Speed is really impressive but sometimes it hangs. Hang-ups are due to many different things. There is patched Pseud extension. Booting of MacOS 8. Deselecting FPU emulation gets the scrollbars as they should be. Try it! Better download URL is: www. You want a compatible OfficeSuite?

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Get WordPerfect Enh. Pack 3. More utilities at: www. More details on BAsilisk Setup here. There are currently two teams working on the project. The kernel team is working on the basic compiling of Darwin on Intel.

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  8. Die Karten sind in etwa??? Emuliert einen richtigen MAC mit System 6. Viele Mac-Programme laufen, teilweise mit Sound und in oder weniger Farben. Letztere sogar mit ein paar Board-Fotos. Mit Finder und allem. Aktuell ist Version 0. Keyboard-Emulation, bis System7. Bei den Freaks kann man sich auch verschiedene Diskfiles downloaden oder man nennt einfach seine. Possibly they are developing a PowerPC-emulation No documentation found so far. Read more at Emaculation. Was damals ein Riesenhit war, weil Ataris incl. Neben Aladdin und noch einer Alternative war Spectre echt perfekt.

    Brauchte allerdings die K ROMs. EMMAC 2. Der wohl am wenigsten bekannte. Stammt von Schnelle Maus, langsamer Disk-Access. Habe jetzt auch System7.

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    Ein mit Executors makehfv. Emmac braucht kein mac. Endlich gibt es eine Website zum Emulator archived in ! Whatever I did - Emmac complained that my startup-volume hardfile is locked. But it isn't at least not with executor nor with vmac. If anybody knows what to do - please mail! First unifications since Fusion 3.

    Download final version for free at: Emulators. Inbetween I tried gemulator with softROM and it shows comparable speed and compatibility. Features are in mac functionality slightly more limited and in usability some advantages. In the end gemulator chrashed my. Once more: this new version doesn't require the ROM-card any longer. Any hints? PowerPC iMac! The emulator requires a ROM-card with the original or copied appropriate mac-roms installed on it and does at time not support MacOS 8.

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    For more information see their homepage! Hier eine Anleitung, wie man an das ROM-image kommt. Details auf der SheepShaver Homepage. SheepShaver now is capable of booting to the Mac OS 7. Source is available through CVS only as of now and it requires a bit of Linux skill to get things going and it requires an old world ROM image from a PCI-based Mac, but despite it's current bugs it's rather responsive on my system. News from Jim Watters.

    Janaur Shapeshifter als version 3. Die Geschwindigkeit liegt aber noch unter der, der neuen vMac-Releases. Dann gab es mal noch Macaccess. Siehe zu diesem Thema auch den Ratgeber von MacWindows. Com und von Uni-Mac. This is very similar to Mac OS If your computer is online - you need this!! Not joking!