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DVD Creator for Mac è un ottimo software di masterizzazione DVD Mac che su DVD; Creare slideshow DVD con foto e musica su Mac; Magiche funzioni di Inoltre, ti permette di aggiungere foto per creare una speciale presentazione DVD.

If you want to keep a Mac connected to a network drive, even after restarting, the easiest way to do this is to follow the three steps above then add these:. Now, your network drive will be mapped and automatically remounted when you reboot your Mac. Depending on your settings, mounted drives may not always appear on your desktop.

Enable write access to NTFS on OS X

If, however, you want your NAS device to always be just one double-click away in the same way that most people have Macintosh HD as a visible item on their desktop just follow these steps:. Managing, or working across, multiple departments that each have their own network drive?

How it Works

In that case, it can be handy to create aliases of mapped network drive s :. This might not sound like anything all that significant but, as the subheading suggests, you can use this alias to reconnect to a network drive with one click.

1. Format to FAT32

That can be very helpful if you need to keep jumping between different shared drives. Gemini is a great tool for digging out any duplicate content on your drives, so you can ditch everything you no longer need while hanging onto backup documents, photos, etc. For a more granular approach to file management, you might want to consider something like DCommander or Forklift.

These apps both offer dual-pane file management, as well as features like batch renaming, copying, and deletion, in a more seamless way than your default Finder.

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In addition to two side-by-side file panels that look very similar to those of Forklift, DCommander puts a wider range of commands and features including quick file viewing, selective file unpacking, navigation history, and a great looking Dark Mode at your fingertips without the need to leave the dual-panel display.

Instead of reformatting it all the time, just use the much more platform-independent exFAT and never format it again. You can always install drivers for those other OSes , but that doesn't help when you're sharing files with your friends' computers. Besides, it's kind of a hassle. The exFAT file system is a much simpler option.

Fixing an external hard drive that’s not showing up on Mac

Essentially, it's a file system that's both readable and writable on any modern Mac or Windows machine sorry, Leopard users. Once you've installed the appropriate cloud service, you can download the documents to your Mac just as you've been doing with your PC. However, one item just about everyone worries about is getting their email transferred to a new computer.

If you use a web-based mail system, you should be able to launch the Safari browser and connect to your existing mail system.

If you haven't gotten used to Safari yet, don't forget you can also use Google Chrome, Firefox Quantum, or the Opera browser in place of Safari. You can always try setting up your email accounts and seeing if your email messages are available before you worry about transferring them to your new Mac.

How to Map a Network Drive on Mac

We mentioned at the beginning of this guide that starting with OS X Lion, Migration Assistant works with Windows to help bring over most Windows-based data you may need. In all likelihood, if you have a new Mac, you can use Migration Assistant. To check which version of OS X you're using, do the following:. A window will open displaying the current version of OS X installed on your Mac.

If any of the following are listed, you can use Migration Assistant to move data from your PC. If your Mac is running one of the above versions of OS X, then you have the option to use the Migration Assistant to make the process of moving data from your PC to your Mac as simple as possible. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About.