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How to Clean Install MacOS Mojave

We have instructions for making a bootable installer with macOS Sierra as well as archived versions for several previous releases. You need at least an 8GB flash drive.

How to reinstall macOS when the startup volume was erased | Macworld

That allows you to run Disk Utility, reinstall or wipe and install the system, access Terminal for command-line functions, and so on. In that mode, when you choose to reinstall without erasing the drive, my recollection is that Recovery looks for the current OS system installer on your startup disk in the Applications folder, and uses that.

When complete, it installs it and reboots, and places the installer in the Applications folder. There, the Mac reaches out over a Wi-Fi or ethernet connection to download the relatively modest Recovery software, which then bootstraps the download of the full macOS installer. Apple says Internet-based Recovery should happen automatically on supported models, and you should see a spinning globe when that mode is invoked while the download occurs.

However, if you have normal Recovery installed and it refuses to install macOS for some reason, you can manually invoke Internet Recovery. While Command-R at startup always installs whatever the most recent version you installed on your Mac, holding down Command-Option-R brings down the very latest compatible version that can be installed.

How to reinstall macOS when the startup volume was erased

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How to Clean Install MacOS Mojave

Thread starter Geezabrek Start date Oct 3, The drive shows up in BIOS, but once booted to the OSX installer via clover boot disk latest version , the installer does not detect the drive. Even when selecting the disk utilities tool in the installer, the the SATA disk doesn't show up. You need apfs.

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That doesn't sound like what you're experiencing. I just read that there is a bug in the shipping version of disk utility that can not see unformatted drives.

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Is it possible the drive is brand new and unformatted? I do read about perfectly good drives not being detected from time to time and have not read a good reason, other than the SSD being very old.

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Same problem here! Geezabrek said:. SOD's bloody law.